What do the ladies say? 

While my main focus is on men's health, I have been fortunate enough to have guided a few ladies on their health transformation journeys as well.

A few have agreed to share their stories. 

Maria (Austria) Authenticity & Integration Coach, Social Worker and Blogger

When I started researching some of the skin issues and digestive problems I experienced, I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of (mis)information and diets available on the internet. Michal really helped me separate the wheat from the chaff with his sharp knowledge on the subject. What I loved the most about working with him was his ability to get me back to being my own authority in food-related matters. After working with him for a few months, I feel more confident than ever when making nutritional choices. More importantly, my health has improved significantly. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a winter with basically no psoriasis flare-ups. That‘s crazy. And you‘re a big part of it  Thank you, for being so passionate and flexible, yet down to earth throughout this entire process. Much love! Maria


Edita (United Kingdom) Fashion Brand Owner & Designer

I was feeling very tired and unable to concentrate. I also had an occasional strong migraine that caused me to lose the sense of feeling on one side of my face.  Before I started the plan with Michal, I didn’t cook much at home, ate lots of takeaways and drank a lot of coffee. After a few months of following Michal's plan, I started to feel much better.  I had much more energy, my skin and hair became more vibrant and I haven't had a migraine for months. I realised that despite always thinking that I was making good eating choices, I had never really had a properly balanced diet. I am amazed at what difference that really made. Michal was always very professional, quick with making a plan for me, and happy to answer any questions I had.


Elizabeth (Czech Republic) PhD Candidate & Researcher  

After several rounds of antibiotics last year I suddenly found myself seemingly unable to eat anything. Fortunately I had already contacted Michal. He was able to react quickly and help me figure out a diet and supplements to minimize my symptoms and balance my gut again.

A lot of food that was off-limit in the beginning is now back on the table. We've been working on immunity too, and my frequent tonsillitis seems less serious now. 

I have been very afraid of change, but Michal makes everything seem easier. He guides you step by step and gives encouragement when your will is low. He's very willing to learn about your particular conditions, will present any scientific evidence available if you are interested, and will not give up until you figure out a solution to your issues.

I enjoyed working with Michal! :) 

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