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About Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is a cutting-edge approach to health and the individual's well-being, which brings the latest research into your day-to-day dietary patterns and lifestyle. 

The personalised Nutrition Approach considers the following: 

  • Individual nutritional requirements - including lifestyle demands, micro and macronutrient requirements, and age-related nutritional requirements, as well as your ethical or environmental choices. 

  • Your health goals - whether it is to improve athletic performance, cognitive performance, or energy levels, to support an ongoing medical therapy or to minimise future risk of chronic disease, the therapy can be tailored for you to support the outcome.

  • Ongoing health situation with which you may currently be struggling. Nutritional therapy can offer a significant benefit alongside standard treatment for various chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, metabolic and other. See more information on the next sub-page. 

  • Current Nutrition Analysis of your daily dietary patterns to better understand how to structure our approach. This includes an analysis of your micro and macronutrient intake, food & hydration assessment, and your everyday cooking & meal prep patterns. 

  • System Interactions between different body systems, the food and the lifestyle. For example, gut-brain axis, hepatic detoxification system, microbiome diversity, neuroplasticity, cellular energy metabolism and more. 

  • Environmental stressor assessment such as a variety of toxins, pollutants and challenges that your body undergoes in the current environment. Nutritional Therapy can help compensate for the occurrence of these factors. 

  • Nutrigenomics - Where necessary, nutritional therapy can work with your unique genetic preferences, inborne genetic mutations and a variety of single nuclear polymorphisms. Genetic testing can be offered as a part the protocol if desired by the client. 


​Nutritional therapy does not aim to replace medical treatment but rather to complement it. Research shows that combined in such a way, nutritional therapy can enhance the benefits of ongoing medical treatment. Different people seek out nutritional therapy for different purposes. It may be for health maintenance purposes (e.g. chronic disease risk reduction), functional purposes (health area optimisation) or alongside other health therapy, medical or non-medical to improve the odds of positive results. 

Click below to learn more about how you may benefit from Nutritional Therapy? 

Education & Accreditation

Graduated in Nutritional Therapy (2017-2020) at College of Naturopathic Medicine, London UK


Member of BANT

(British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine)

92. CNHC Quality_Mark_web version.jpg

Member of CHNC

(Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council)

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