Fine-Tuning Package 

Who is it for? 

Fine-Tuning is ideal for you if you are mostly healthy but are looking to optimise or tackle a particular aspect of your health that is reducing the overall quality of your life, such as disrupted sleep, low energy, libido problems, suboptimal testosterone levels, workout recovery, fine-tuning your day-to-day nutrition, learning how to do a vegan diet properly and other. 


Fine-Tuning is also ideal if you have received comprehensive results of your medical testing and would someone to help you make sense of all those numbers and medical terms and put you on the right track towards restoring your health. This package is also a good option if you would like to test out working with me without making a bigger financial commitment. 

What can I expect? 

We will address your most immediate health goals or your most pressing health concerns. You may choose a particular area you would like to work on, or you may let me help you choose based on our introduction conversation.

Some of the options where Fine-Tuning Package could be helpful include: 

  • Energy Optimisation 

  • Testosterone Optimisation 

  • Digestive Improvement 

  • Workout Recovery or Fitness Optimisation 

  • Fertility, Sex Health & Libido Optimisation 

  • Improving the quality of your sleep 

  • Making the best day-to-day nutritional choices 

  • Adopting good health habits & practices (and dropping the bad ones) 

  • Brain optimisation 

  • Understanding test results and taking steps towards correcting sub-optimal results

  • How to become a healthy vegan or vegetarian 101 (everything you need to know to ace it) 

  • Creating your own supplemental routine to cover all the nutrition needs 

  • Anything else that you are interested in 

What's included 

Initial Consultation (60 minutes) - 1 consultation 

Full Assessment of your medical history, current & past health, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental exposure.Before this session begins, I will ask you to fill in a dietary assessment as well as a health questionnaire so that I can get an understanding of your current health status. We will conclude the first consultation with a plan to address your chosen health goal. If required, I may suggest medical or private testing to investigate anything that would fall beyond my scope of practice. 

Follow-Up Consultations (45 minutes) - 1 consultation 

During the follow-up consultation, we will assess your progress and any challenges or obstacles.. We will work around any current obstacles. At the end of the follow-up consultation, you will receive another plan to expand on the previous one to sustain continuous health improvement towards your goal. 

All consultations take place online via the platform of your choosing (Google Meet, Skype, Zoom or MS Teams). A stable internet connection throughout the period of each session would be required. 

Unlimited E-mail support

Throughout the duration of this package, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions via my personal e-mail. This support will be available from the day of your first consultation and will expire on the 8th day after your final consultation. 

Time to fix that issue that's been bothering you forever. 

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