How can I help? 

I can offer a professional support and guidance in the following areas of health. The support is not limited to a single option and throughout a therapeutic process, we would usually touch on multiple (sometimes all) of these areas. The pricing is based on type of package purchased. To understand the full pricing structure, please get in touch by clicking the green button below. 

Unlock Your Brain

brain picture - 1.png
  • Better focus & memory

  • Improved brain power

  • No more brain fog

  • Get more done every day 

Optimise Your Mood

  • Become happier & cheerful

  • Regain your motivation

  • Be at peace with the world

  • Feel normal again

Strenghten Your Gut

  • Optimise your digestion 

  • Less bloating & less pain 

  • Get support with SIBO or IBS

  • Love your food again

Regain Your Energy 

  • Improve your blood sugar control 

  • No more fatigue

  • Feel inspired & powerful

  • Boost your metabolism

  • Better sleep & libido

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Frequently Asked Questions

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