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Client Testimonials

James (UK) - Construction Manager

James' main improvements: 

  • weight loss and increase in lean muscle mass 

  • reduction in non-HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol

  • improved blood sugar control (lower HbA1C) 

  • multiple improvements in digestive health

  • higher energy, better sleep quality 

  • feeling happier and more motivated 

  • learned many new recipes, became more comfortable cooking for himself

Bryce (USA) Entrepreneur

Bryce's main improvements: 

  • increased energy, productivity & motivation

  • feeling happier during the day

  • improved digestion- reduced  bloating and digestive pain, reintroduction of previously eliminated foods

  • Better control over his allergies 

  • better sleep quality

Pedro (UK) App Developer

"For the past few years, I felt my lifestyle got the best of me. I felt tired, stressed, bloated and weak all the time. Michal took great care in listening to me and with each new session, he planned a routine and diet that made me improve considerably. Feeling that I was really listened to and that the plan was tailored to me and my daily schedule was invaluable." 

Pedro (foto).JPG

Jonas (Belgium) Student

"I had terrible brain fog, chronic fatigue, speech problems and concentration issues, my motivation dropped to the point I wouldn't do anything useful.  Gradually I saw improvements in all areas of my health.  My energy came back. I used to wake up sluggish & unmotivated. Now, I almost jump out of my bed.  I have so much motivation for engaging with life again. My mind has become sharper & clearer. It has been a blessing working with you on my health. Thanks for everything!"


Adnan (Germany) Mindfulness Coach 

"My main health concerns were mood swings & stress. I noticed how eating blood sugar balancing food helped to reduce the cravings for sugar and stabilized my mood.  I really appreciate that Michal is doing this service wholeheartedly. It seemed more like a friendship than a nutritionist-client dynamic. I would recommend Michal a lot, he is very experienced and was openminded enough to adapt to my case."


Eden (Israel) Student 

"Michal, thanks for your help and support! I loved your holistic approach to health. You gave me great tools & guidance for this life long journey. I feel an overall improvement after working with you. Highly recommended!"


Andy (UK) Charity Worker 

I had long-term IBS like symptoms. Michal was great at listening to me describe the signs and offering different courses of action to reduce the effects. My health has improved, with only very occasional flare ups now and I have an action plan for when those flare ups occur. Michal also helped me with a sports plan to help with tendonitis as well. I'm still playing active sport in my 50's. He recommended various supplements and warm up exercises, which have been very useful and the tendonitis has improved dramatically. I highly recommend working with Michal.

Anonymous (Germany)

"I was in a bad place. Overworked, burned out, stressed, sleep-deprived and fed-up with everything. On top of that, I had the first taste of a scary chronic condition. Working with Michal transformed my health, my energy, confidence, mood and vision for the future.

In other words, my life changed for the better. My skin looks better, my energy almost doubled, my mood is good, I don't have mood swings anymore, I started working out again. Even my hair grew back a bit. Michal was very supportive from the start. He knows his stuff and is very professional and friendly."

Andrew (UK) Finance Manager

"I approached Michael with the intention of improving my wellbeing in areas of fatigue, muscle soreness and general nutrition. Through a variety of changes both in diet and exercise, including more rest and mindfulness, I was able to significantly reduce fatigue and engage in stronger athletic workouts, albeit taking more rest than I previously had. His approach is meticulous with a keen eye for detail. I would certainly recommend Michal as a genuinely caring and attentive nutritionist. "

Learn more about the process

Nutritional Therapy approach helped many of my clients live better and feel better. 

Find out more about this transformational process by booking a free 30-minute introduction call. There is no obligation and no pressure involved. 

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