Ultimate 360 Package

Who is it for? 

If you are a health enthusiast looking to take it to the next level beyond what's considered "normal health" in today's world, then Ultimate 360 is perfect for you. This premium package is for you if you are looking to maximise your health on all fronts, deal with any underlying health condition, master your nutrition, your mind & body and optimise everything that can be optimised from your digestion to your brain and energy levels. 

What can I expect? 

Throughout the duration of this package, we will leave no stone unturned. We will explore and optimise many areas of your health. You can choose what you wish to focus on each session or you can let me help you choose based on the information shared during the first consultation and based on my experience with other clients. Some of the options include: 

  • Fitness & Recovery - a sustainable way to remain fit without loading yourself on chicken & rice

  • Metabolic Health - Learn how to boost your energy, lose fat & achieve great blood sugar levels

  • Mental Health - Depression, anxieties, panic attacks. Learn how to stabilise your mood and become happier

  • Digestive Health - Eliminate SIBO, IBS, address food intolerances, get problematic foods back, learn to love food again

  • Hormonal Health & Stress - Adrenal health & stress management, testosterone optimisation, sex health & libido 

  • Cardiovascular Health - Long-term prevention of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure & cholesterol problems 

  • Immune Support - Strengthen your immunity, achieve greater protection from COVID complications

  • Peak Nutrition - Gain confidence that what you eat and cook is good for you and aligned with your health goals 

  • Toxins & DetoxificationLearn how to protect yourself and boost your natural detoxification systems

  • Lifestyle OptimisationCreate powerful routines, drop bad habits, get more active, optimise your cooking skills

  • Disease Prevention - Protect your body from common chronic diseases that everybody around you succumbs to

  • Anything else you would like to focus on 

What's included 

Initial Consultation (90 minutes) - 1 consultation 

Full Assessment of your medical history, current & past health, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental exposure. Before this session begins, I will ask you to fill in a dietary assessment as well as a health questionnaire so that I can get an understanding of your current health status. We will then use the Initial Session to discuss everything in more detail so that I can understand your current situation better. After that, you will receive your first plan, including practical health guidance as well as recipes and lifestyle advice. If required, I may suggest a medical or a private testing to investigate anything that would fall beyond my scope of practice. 

Follow-Up Consultations (45 minutes) - 9 consultations 

With each follow-up consultation, we will assess your progress. We will work around any current obstacles. With each follow-up consultation, we will progress further & deeper, addressing & optimising new areas of your health. At the end of each follow-up consultation, you will also receive a new plan that will gradually expand on everything that was done previously to sustain continuous health improvement. 

All consultations take place online via the platform of your choosing (Google Meet, Skype, Zoom or MS Teams). A stable internet connection throughout the period of each session would be required. 

Unlimited E-mail & Premium WhatsApp support 

Purchase of this package not only entitles you to unlimited advice via email but also to direct WhatsApp support. This feature will allow for a quick exchange of information between consultations. You may choose to ask for advice on meals, recipes, shopping, supplements, health products, exercise and all sorts of other related topics. You can also choose to send me videos or Voice messages. Other clients have found this feature extremely helpful & useful in furthering their health goals. This support will be available until 30-days post your final 10th Follow-Up Consultation 

Are you ready to take the next step on your Ultimate health journey? 

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