Do you often feel depressed and sad during the winter for no particular reason? 

Are you failing to maintain enough energy during the day to do what needs to be done? 

Do you seem to catch every flu and every cold going around? 

Do you always find it difficult to maintain your desired weight throughout the Festive period?


Has "I want to lose weight" been your New Year's resolution for the past five years?

 Have you always given up the second week of January? 

If you answered YES at least once, then this is for you!


Your Personal Guide To Feeling Happy,  Full Of Energy And Fit This Winter 

Are you ready to grab the bull by the horns and challenge the mainstream notion that the winter is a depressive time?

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As the cold and merciless months of the winter slowly creep upon us, many people get impacted negatively. They start losing their sense of direction, motivation and drive. Many get depressed and anxious about the upcoming Christmas and worried about the challenges of the next year.


On top of that, diets generally change to more processed, heavier, meaty, sugary and salty all of which not only contributes to a progressive decline in the mood but to weight gain, poor immunity and feeling unwell and weak. 

"Whether your goal is to be happier, healthier more efficient or simply not to gain weight  for the remainder of this year and the early months of 2021, this e-book can help you achieve that"


> More natural energy 

> Better mood, more optimism and improved motivation 

> Improved sleep  

> Better stress management 

> Improved brain performance, attention and less brain fog

> Improved libido 

> Better understanding of healthy food

> Improvement of your overall diet and lifestyle 

> List of easy and practical recipes

> Feeling more confident about your food choices in the future

NOTE: If you suffer from a serious medical condition that requires active medical treatment then following the advice in this ebook may not be enough to help you recover. The content of this ebook is not meant to represent any form of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of a chronic or acute condition. 


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Chapter 1 - Food & diet

Are carbs bad? How to choose the right fats? What about proteins? How to shop for healthy food and what are the traps to avoid? How to stay lean? 

Chapter 2 - All about immunity

How to optimise your lifestyle to build a powerful immune system. What foods, what activities, herbs and supplements impact your immune system?

Chapter 3 - Stress, self-care and sleep

We'll talk about techniques for stress management and mental care as well as about sleep and how to boost sleep quality.

Chapter 4 - Staying active & exercise 

How to remain active in winter, what are some of the exercise options and some practical tools to help you get started? Why is it even important? 

Current Price $7 

What will you get? 

  • Pdf copy of the e-book (18.4MB)

  • Over 60 pages of simple & practical tips

  • 30+ tasty meals and snack ideas. 

  • Any future updates on this ebook