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Free Health E-Books

Neuro Rescue 

Neuro Rescue is an evidence-based manual for men who want to minimise their risk of neurodegenerative disease such as Dementia, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's in older age. 

This E-Book is perfect for men who are ready to take action and ensure that their day to day dietary and lifestyle choices are aligned with their long-term cognitive health. 


Brain Resurrection

Brain Resurrection is a short practical E-Book for men who want to optimise their day-to-day routine for better focus, memory and overall cognition. Inside you will learn: 

  • About the right nutrition for your brain

  • Hot to improve your focus and your memory 

  • About the importance of vitamin D for your cognition and how to fix low levels safely

  • How to start get rid of brain fog and mental fatigue

Gentleman's Guide

GGTW is a simple guide into everything that constitutes a healthy lifestyle. The E-Book discusses topics such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, testosterone, stress management sex health and more. 

If you have been feeling rather low and unmotivated or if you are interested in reducing your risk of chronic disease, then this is perfect for you. 


Beating The Fatigue

  • Is your energy low? 

  • Do you have to nap regularly? 

  • Are you often crashing after meals? 

  • Could you use some extra energy during the day?

More often than not, the answer lies in what we put into our mouth throughout the day as well as how we spend our waking time. Download this free E-Book and learn how to get your energy levels back. 

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